Luxury Chains

Luxury Chains

Fall in love with the brightest trend of spring and try to give a metallic touch to all your looks, adding chains to your seasonal accessories. This is the slogan that marks the catwalk international and, as a consequence, shop windows around the world that have already been littered with links, in different shapes and colors, to decorate our inseparable accessories.

Either on the handle or as an ornament of that ideal complement that finishes off any good styling that is value yourself, choose bags with chain details and implement a trend that, things as they are, It never goes out of style, it will give us a plus of style.

The shape of the bag is the least of it, because they are carried in a thousand and one ways. However, now What matters is that your inseparable accessory has chains and that these be very careful before buying! are of good quality, that is to say, that the bath that covers them does not lose its initial luster and tone after various uses. At Suritt, concerned about offering the maximum guarantees, all the metallic applications of its models are made with metals resistant to the passage of time and, in addition, they are hypoallergenic, it is In other words, the metal lacquer is suitable for sensitive skin.


Revival 90's

We approach the revival of the 90s with one of the copies that returns to the scene of the fashion system with strength: the well-known “baguette” bag, that is to say, that elongated, medium-sized wallet with a long handle chain that we have seen so many times hanging from the shoulders of our dear mothers, as a purse wedding hand. Now, in addition, to being a party handbag, key to finish off the image of a Ideal guest, she is the fetish complement of the most influential women on social networks for contributing that cool and retro touch that is trend. They are the ones who know and if they wear it both by day and by night and mixed with everything, it is for something, they are the best example to put it into practice now that the good weather and the moment to choose which accessories will accompany us from now until September. So Why not give it a try?


A good investment

At Suritt, the CORTECCIA shoulder bag is presented in various shades, with pale pink, white and aqua green, among the great favorites of the station. It is made of exquisite leathers, with interiors also made of leather and pocket to store cards and, of course, chain and leather handle combined. This accessory can be the option perfect to complete, for example, that ideal guest look with an event in sight. And the time is here to think about what we will wear for that First Communion ceremony to which we have been invited, in the look of a wedding guest or the look for christening ... in short, for all those events that, more than We are never looking forward to celebrating again. The best thing about carrying a bag of these characteristics is its great versatility and, above all, knowing what we will do a good investment because we can take advantage of it to use it daily combined, for example, with a simple jeans and comfortable sneakers. The Houdini model, which is the name of the most sophisticated from the house's collection of shoulder bags, it is characterized by its iridescent glitter finish on the flap. The bag is made of cowhide and has a silver metal chain. More diurnal and the same elegant is the Kate, in black leather with heart-shaped studs on the lapel.


A bracelet bag


Another trend seen on the catwalk is, without a doubt, the jewel bag that now no longer only refers to the classic rigid party clutch with rhinestone applications ... this, of course, is a wardrobe, without However, fashion goes a step further and proposes that complement that is a jewel in itself because Its handle is a real bracelet to wear on the wrist as if it were a great bracelet. The Valerie, in pastel tones, such as pink, yellow or cream, they have a beautiful golden bracelet, made with links of different sizes manufactured exclusively for him. This model is made of soft lambskin and has a magnetic closure.

Definitely, now the chains should not go unnoticed but quite the opposite. They are the key to Make a Difference.

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