Are SURITT watch straps compatible with all types of watches?

SURITT watch straps are valid for most watches, whether analog or Smart Watch, you simply need to measure the width of your strap to know which size to choose and whether you need an adapter for Apple Watch or quick release pins for the Rest watches.

If you doubt if the watch straps of SURITT are valid for your watch you can contact us through our chat or sending an email to so we can help you choose the right one.


What size should I choose?

If your watch is an Apple Watch you can choose between watch straps for the watch of 38 mm or 42 mm, if you have an standard watch we have three widths 20mm 22mm or 24mm.

All our straps fit most wrists: 

150 mm to 210 mm. 

Measures could vary depending on the size of your watch case.

In case you need advice, you can send us your query by chat, we will answer immediately and you can place your order choosing the correct size.


How to mount a watch band?

SURITT watch bands can be shipped with a special adapter for Apple Watch or  quick release pins for other watches. It is not necessary to use tools to place them.

My watch does not have quick release pins do I need tools to use the SURITT watch straps?

If your watch strap is not fitted with quick release pins, it’s ok, since you can dismount it with a tool we provide with the strap to facilitate the work and help you remove your old watch strap.

After placing your new SURITT strap, you will not need any more tools, and you can change it as many times as you want.


My watch strap has a hole in the upper back is this normal?

Yes, all SURITT watch straps are configured to fit quick release pins, this hole is for the actuator to remove the strap without tools, in the case that you order the strap for the Apple Watch since it uses its specific connector this hole will remain empty.


What care should I take with my watch band?

All SURITT watch bands are made of 100% natural leather, both the part seen and the linings in different colors. SURITT was born in a family with a leather business tradition, as they own a small tannery located in Italy and another in Spain, so we make sure that all our watch bands are made with the best raw materials.

All leathers used in SURITT watch bands are 100% natural and comply with the European REACH regulation, which regulates the use of chemicals in leathers to protect human health and the environment.

If you need to clean your watch band, you can use a damp cloth, and gently rub the stain to avoid damaging the skin. In any case, if you have any specific stain and doubts about how to clean it, you can contact the customer service through our chat or at


How do I track my order?

First, check that you have received the confirmation email of your order, if you have not received the purchase, possibly the purchase has not been made and your order is not confirmed. In this case, we recommend that you consult your PayPal account or credit card statement to see if you have been charged the amount of the purchase. If they have not done so, you must place the order again.

Once you have received the confirmation email, your order has been received and is being prepared in our warehouses, once this prepared the transport agency will send you an email with the tracking number of your order.

For any doubt or consultation you can contact us by email or chat indicating your order and tracking number so we can help you.


Have you been charged but have not received the confirmation or follow-up email?

You should keep in mind that sometimes emails do not pass spam filters. So check if any of these emails are in that folder. If you have followed this step and you have not received the information, you should contact SURITT customer support by sending an email to


What payment methods can I use?

SURITT offers different secure payment methods such as:

Paypal, American Express, Mastercard, Visa, JCB, Maestro and more.