If you are one of those who think that the backpack is used for much more than going on a trip, storing the laptop or going to the gym, this is your post. You may have already noticed that back bags have become one of the most photographed and most viewed trends on the streets around the world, but how to combine them? Don't worry, we're going to show you the best backpack looks of the moment so you never run out of ideas.

In addition, it is enough to take a look at the fashion Instagram profiles to realize that there is no “it girl” who does not have a stylish backpack in her closet. The best thing about this accessory is that, in addition to giving us the possibility to store everything we need and more, it gives us that carefree and youthful air that we like to wear so much.


24 hour streetwear backpacks 

Ideas of looks with backpacks for day to day? Whether it's daytime with jeans and a basic T-shirt or at night with a sophisticated dress and our favorite heels, the bag backpack is an irresistible must. Of course, not all are worth (abstain the mountain ones). This year it is the small backpacks that get all the applause of the season, that's why we leave you below the best outfits with small backpacks.


Add the Corteccia Leather Backpack to your looks 

The Corteccia leather backpack by Suritt, made of 100% natural leather and with great resistance, is perfect for any of these looks that we have just shown you. In addition, you have it in brown and black, two essential basics.

You can combine the brown backpack with that new uniform that invades the streets: the cool tracksuit + the original trainers, or with an oversize jacket suit and 90's inspired culottes. As for the black backpack, we recommend it with a short jacket with large shoulder pads and palazzo pants or a mini skirt draped with a special fabric. Super look 8 p.m!


Features of the Suritt Backpack

This women's leather backpack has a perfect measurement: 25 x 23 x 11 cm. Likewise, it is characterized by having an exquisite leather finish and by having a flat interior pocket with zipper and engraved with the philosophy of the firm. Another detail to take into account is that both the fittings of this accessory and its silver-tone clasp closure are resistant to the passage of time and never lose their color or shine.

Do you want a versatile backpack? So this is yours. The Corteccia backpack has three handles, the top one will allow you to carry your accessory in your hand or hanging from the elbow and the other two adjustable and removable leather straps will give you play to wear it across the front or, as the model requires, To the back.

At this point, we should call Wikipedia and warn that the backpack, in addition to being that bag that serves to transport supplies on excursions, trips or other types of trips and that it is made of resistant and often waterproof fabric and is worn hanging the back by means of straps, it is now also the new universal fashion reference when it comes to handbags.

Now you know. The time has come to rethink that that ideal bag that you will not want to separate yourself from day or night is the backpack in its most elegant version. Look for an original, we assure you, it will give you a lot of play.

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